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Experience the majestic views Monument Valley

A wide selection of contemporary and traditional American Indian Art,

The View Hotel Trading Post

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Welcome to The View Campground.

Ya’at’eeh, my name is Armanda Ortega and I am of the Kiy`anníí (Towering House) Clan. I am privileged to welcome you to a sacred place for my people, the Diné. In the Navajo, we believe that our people journeyed through three worlds in various forms of being before emerging from Mother Earth into this world, the Sparkling World.

Our private, fully-furnished valley rim cabins offer a unique way to experience Monument Valley. Many have said the view from the cabins is actually better than the view from the hotel rooms.

The View Hotel provides guests with spectacular views and gracious accomodations.

Offering a wide selection of contemporary and traditional Native American Art as well as memorabilia of Monument Valley.